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Brand: A definition…
A trademark, name or symbol identifying a product, service, or organisation.

I guess that’s the gist but there’s so much more to a brand than this.

A brand exists in the minds and hearts of customers and potential clients. It evokes a set of emotions and ideas about a company and its products or services, sometimes difficult to put your finger on but real and present, nevertheless. It might be better described as a gut feeling about a company and is as much about affection and trust as it is about value for money and quality product delivery.

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Nike logo design

Everyone knows what a logo is. It’s that shape companies use to represent their company; like Nike’s swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches. Branding, on the other hand, is a more holistic perspective of how your customers experience your company. While a logo is only a small simple mark, a brand includes every single marketing touchpoint your customers have with your company. A brand is very much a concept, not a concrete object. It is the foundation of a company’s entire marketing framework and constitutes the emotional and psychological relationship between a company and consumers.

I’ll take a good look at your business, customers and competition and deliver a compelling brand to ensure your products and services get noticed by the right audience. Whether you’re looking to develop a new brand from scratch or need help with an existing identity, I turn creative ideas into commercial impact and ensure a strong and consistent visual brand across all marketing touchpoints.

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So, how does branding differ from logo design?

A logo is an easily recognisable, reproducible design element, often including a name, symbol or trademark. It is a quick, visual representation of a brand’s message and position. A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon. The logo is a visual cue to the brain to recall what a company stands for and a customer’s experience and memory of that company.

The application of an effective, consistent identity requires your logo to be used across a range of formats. I will deliver logo assets in a variety of file formats (jpg, tif, eps), colours (CMYK, RGB, monochrome) and both high and low resolutions.

I work across a range of budgets to suit clients, from a simple logo design to full brand development.

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How much?

You wouldn’t ask a car salesman “How much does a car cost?” He’ll ask what is it needed for, how fast do you want it to go, what features do you want included? Do you want leather seats with that? In the same way, the cost of a well designed brand will vary, depending on what you are looking for. A good brand identity should be looked at as an investment and how much it costs depends on how big of an investment you are willing to make and what your needs are.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” is relevant here so the bottom line is the more you invest, the more likely you are to get a better quality, stronger brand that resonates with your target audience. My brand development work starts at around £800 for which you can expect research, naming, logo design and a set of brand identity guidelines to help keep your brand consistent and clear across all marketing touchpoints.

I’m very much aware that many of my clients are start up businesses or small companies that simply don’t have the budget for a full brand strategy. They are just looking for a strong visual identity to help them stand out from the crowd and get them noticed. A well designed logo can achieve these goals, certainly in the short term when a company is just starting out or looking to cement their place within the market. My logo design work starts at around £300 for which I will present 2 or 3 concepts and develop one of these into a full set of graphic assets for use both on and offline.

My logo design work is of a very high standard but my prices aren’t. Why not give me a call?