Website design FAQs

Why don’t I just use someone like 1&1 and build my own website?

Template websites appeal to many because monthly payments are often a more attractive proposition than a single outlay. It’s worth doing some quick maths though. For a business-level site with full SEO, 1&1 will charge £29.99 (plus VAT) per month. 3 years down the line, you’ve paid out £1,296 and you still don’t own your own website. As if that wasn’t enough, the website (that you don’t own) looks like thousands of others because it’s built using a template.

For more info on DIY websites, read my article on WIX.

Do we need to get together?

Only if you want to. Most of my clients are local to the Harrogate and North Yorkshire so meeting up to discuss your website or logo design is a good idea. But we can still work together if you live in London or Lisbon, via phone and email. I’ll keep you updated every step of the way and you can feedback any time if you’re not happy with anything – or even if you are.

Once my website is up and running, will I see you again?

I hope so. Even if you have a full CMS site and manage content and updates yourself, I believe in long term relationships and working together to help your business succeed. If you have a quick question about any aspect of your website, I’m here to help. If you need to expand your website, have a new project, or are looking for a re-brand I hope you’ll get in touch.

Do I have to host my site with you?

No. Although I do offer competitive domain registration and website hosting, you can set up your domain and host your site with whoever you like. However, if you’re looking for a WordPress site, I would strongly recommend a Linux server for hosting the site. Windows servers and WordPress just ain’t best of buddies and tend not to get along.

How many visitors am I getting?

All my websites come with Google Analytics which monitors and reports on how many people have looked at your site, which pages they visited, how long they hung around and where they accessed your site from.