Mobile (and Google) friendly websites

Responsive web design and SEO

Responsive web design – the reformatting of text and images to make a website accessible and viewable on a range of different devices – is rightly all the rage. The increasing use of mobile devices to access the web makes it a necessity of good web design. But it’s not just about good usability.

    Google actively favours responsive web design and sites designed as such will improve SEO and search rankings. Several reasons for this…

  • The ability to use a single URL for a website, making it easier for Google to crawl your website. This is opposed to the traditional method of delivering mobile accessibility by creating alternative versions of a site for tablet and mobile.
  • A single URL also improves website load speed, since no redirection occurs.
  • Responsive websites avoid the use of duplicate content – something Google tends to frown upon.

More importantly, from April 21 2015, Google’s ranking algorithm will officially include mobile usability factors so making sure your website is responsive is now more important than ever. From April, Google’s mobile ranking factors will not only label your website as mobile-friendly, but will also use this to determine if your site should rank higher in search results.

So, if your website isn’t currently built for mobile, now is the time to consider a redesign to ensure a fully responsive site.

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