Getting your website noticed

SEO is the process of improving visibility of a website or page in (organic) search results. You may have a great looking website out there but it’s not much use if no-one can find it.

All of my websites adhere to a set of search engine friendly principles from the outset and are coded to maximise relevance to specific keywords. I can’t guarantee to get you to number one on Google but I will give your site all the help it needs to be as visible as possible.

SEO is best viewed as an ongoing project rather than a one-off set up. Google likes new content and site updates – it shows you’re website is current and up-to-date and hasn’t been gathering dust for the past 5 years. How much you put into it depends on your online competition and your location. I can put together an SEO package to suit your circumstance and your budget.

info graphic of web vitals

Google page experience

Whilst great content and structure remain key to effective SEO, Google’s latest algorithm for generating search results (introduced in July 2021) focuses on the page experience.

User experience has long been a cornerstone of good web design and these new core web vitals from Google encourage website designers to ensure UX is front and centre.

I won’t bore you with the detail… well, OK, just a bit. A good page experience comprises core web vitals (essentially covering page load speeds and stable site layouts), mobile friendly pages and a secure connection (the site is served over HTTPS). Thankfully, all the websites I design and build follow these principles and strive to deliver a top-drawer page experience for the user.

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