I’ve been designing and developing websites for over 20 years during which time I’ve witnessed countless changes in technology and the way websites are designed and built. We’ve come a long was from the static, fixed layout HTML websites where almost all content was delivered using <table> tags and the dreaded Internet Explorer was the bane of every web designer’s life.

Responsive content management systems (CMS) that focus on the user experience (UX) are very much the norm and websites are augmented and added to via user generated content (UGC). Like many technology industries, the web design industry requires you to keep up if you want to make a relevant contribution, and not just with the latest acronyms!

When CMS templates first arrived around 2005, I elected to go with WordPress as the base for all my websites. Given that today over 40% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, I reckon this was a good move.

Over the past 22 years I have strived to stay ahead of the game and remain in touch with advances and changes of direction in web design and development, which I believe is reflected in the quality of my work.

I hope you agree.

web design screenshot - photo of inside a forest


A website redesign for a Leeds charity

A website screenshot showing a large photo of a cricket ground

Michael Eyres Partnership

A website redesign for an established Quantity Surveyors

web design screenshot - photo of artichokes

The DNA Nutritionist

A fresh and vibrant web design for a fresh and vibrant Harrogate business

web design screenshot - photo of modern glass building


Stylish, modern website design and build

web design screenshot - Hilton hotel interior

HRH Furniture

Ecommerce combined with a stylish brochure site, a new logo and SEO work

web design screenshot - colourful fabrics

Waltons Mill Shop

A stylish ecommerce website and new brand development

web design screenshot - man with camera

David McCormick

A modern, responsive website and new logo design

web design screenshot - homepage slider

Green Pheasant Gifts

A new ecommerce website offering over 2,ooo products online

web design screenshot - interior of art gallery photo

Silson Contemporary

CMS website design, logo design, stationery & print design

My work is of a very high standard but my prices aren’t. Why not give me a call?