Chop that melon!

I’ve been using Moo for print design work for some time now. I’m sure they’d be the first to admit they’re not the cheapest (Vistaprint, you’re welcome to that accolade), but the quality is very good and the customer service is non too shabby either. My decision to try out Moo in the first place, however, was all about the brand. It spoke to me.

I’m not talking about the logo, though that does tick all the right boxes; a fresh, clean & simple graphic with meaning and style. It’s the tone of voice and the language they use to speak to their customers that draws you in – matching professionalism and practicality with a great sense of humour. Nowhere is this more evident than in a recent mail campaign offering a simple 10% discount offer.

The bog-standard mailshot delivered into my inbox with huge red letters and telling me to get myself a discount on something or other will invariably have me reaching for the del key after the most cursory of glances. But when you’re invited to Chop that Melon, presented with two Karate hands hovering above said fruit resting on two bricks and reminded to put your goggles on, it’s almost impossible not to click through, just for the punchline.



The resultant link reveals the metaphor… if chopping a melon with your bare hands feels good, just imagine what a 10% discount feels like? OK, it’s a tenuous connection but that’s all that’s required. The concept is offbeat and slightly strange (nothing wrong with that) and it’s delivered via some lovely eye-catching graphics that simply demand your attention.



OK, so I don’t have a print design job on right now so I’ll probably not take up the offer but Moo have firmly established themselves a soft spot in my hippocampus so the next time I do need some print work, I’ll be straight over.

This kind of brand development doesn’t have to cost the earth or involve numerous teams of experts and marketing managers to create, but, when it’s done right, it’s a thing of joy.