Why logo design shouldn’t cost £25

It’s nothing new to claim logo design is underrated. Business owners and managers rarely acknowledge the value of a good logo to their business, instead preferring to get something done as cheap as possible.

What they fail to see is their logo is very often the first point of contact with their customer and making a good impression can make all the difference. As the most visual aspect of a company’s brand, a logo’s design is intended for immediate recognition, inspiring trust and loyalty to a product or service. With this in mind, why would you opt for the cheapest option out there?

A good logo should…

  • Be easy to describe and remember
  • Look professional
  • Have longevity
  • Be scalable
  • Be effective without colour
  • Convey the company’s personality and character

Here’s a few that fit the brief…

great branding

OK so you might argue they are all memorable because they are so ubiquitous – we’ve seen them so many times that we can’t fail to have them firmly lodged in our brain. But they are also all very simple, timeless and easy to recall and describe.

In order to arrive at something with real strength, meaning and value, there’s a process involved. It’s not simply a case of staring at a blank sheet of paper until a Eureka moment comes knocking. Producing a new logo takes time and effort… more than £25 worth of effort.

It involves working with the client to produce a proper brief – some direction for the design to work towards. Often the designer will research the industry to see what’s already out there and get an idea of how the client’s business will find a niche within the competition. They might look at current trends and design styles that can relate to the brief. It’s OK now to sit down and sketch some concepts and ideas.They might then select a few designs from these initial concepts to present to the client, with one of these being developed to fruition.

25 quid just doesn’t cut it.