Elite shooting itself with rebrand

A while back I commented on the dangers of cheap logo design and how clients should recognise the value of quality branding. I’m guessing the recent rebrand of the dating agency Elite wasn’t done on a shoestring which is why I was so shocked to see for the first time this morning the latest TV advert and new logo.

Immediate impression was good… a vast improvement on the old laurel wreath and heart combo which came across as a dating agency for Romans or Formula One drivers. No, the new brand is less formal, more friendly and relaxed and the Cupid’s arrow forming the initial E is clever, simple and effective.

Elite logo design

But wait… isn’t the arrow the wrong way round? Were you to release the bow, wouldn’t you shoot yourself in the face or, in all likelihood, the arrow would just drop forlornly to the ground? I suspect neither of these scenarios delivers the metaphor the brand team were hoping for. “Calm down, Dave, it’s only a logo” I hear you cry. Yes, but graphic design should still make sense in the physical world. Not just laws of perspective and angles of symmetry but just good ol’ common sense.

The designer might argue that the arrow pointing from left to right draws the reader in, giving the logo greater cohesion and that may be true. But not at the expense of the graphic just being wrong. What does the alternative look like?

Elite logo design 2

The bow and arrow continues to deliver the letter E, the logo as a whole is cohesive, the laws of physics remain intact and the metaphor of Cupid’s arrow now makes sense. Well, OK, it’s pointing downwards which perhaps isn’t ideal when you’re taking a leap into a new relationship but at least no-one’s getting shot in the face.